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VOD’s Search for New Drummer Begins

Voice of December has parted ways with their long time Drummer,
Don Ivie.
This was a very hard step for us to take as Don is a talented musician and a great guy.
We wish him much success in what ever future projects come his way and thank him for all the great times.

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VOD Team with Steve Clayton USA

Rob Smith & John Roberts have Exclusively Used Steve Clayton Custom Guitar Picks already for years so this match was a no brainer.
Be sure to check them out here.

Custom Imprinted Guitar Picks by Clayton, Inc.

Splawn Amps Team with VOD

Splawn Welcomes Voice Of December to there artist line up.
Thanks to Dal @ Splawn,

Rob is Now using the Splawn Custom Nitro Head with KT88 Tubes & Splawn 4/12 cabinets.

And John with the Splawn Custom Nitro Head with EL34 Tubes & Splawn 4/12 cabinets.

See what Splawn is all about here.