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Bassist Ben Bunner holds down the low end for Voice of December. His unique style and use of 4, 8, and 12 string basses has a major influence on the bands sound.

A veteran of many local bands, Ben is also a respected Lighting Director.

Outside the band Ben spends his free time with his hobby of choice, photography.

Former Bands:

  • Dark Truth
  • Haddenfield
  • Angry Babies
  • Static Motion


Ben is also a very accomplished photographer. You can view his photography here:

Ben Bunner Photography




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Special Thanks

Ben wishes to thank the following:

  • First and Foremost, I'd like to thank the guys in the band, Rob Smith, Don Ivie, John Roberts and Traci Ruin for being kick ass friends, and band mates and for giving me so many great memories to look back on and to look forward to. It's always an enjoyable experience jamming with you guys.
  • For the sixth member of VOD, I can't even describe the level of appreciation I have for Mark Jeangerard. He worked some serious magic on this CD, from mixing and EDITING to remixing and re-EDITING, adding so many small details one after the other getting it just as perfect as possible with the limited time he was given, such grace under pressure and such an amazing friend. Thank you..
  • Another very big thank you goes to my brother August Martin AKA: Buggs Bunner for helping me figure out so many things about life and love, bass gear, band gear, rack gear, camera gear, Maya and Photoshop tutorial CD's that I never watch and for the use of his super genius powers…
  • More special thanks go out to, my parents. Don Lee Bunner and Katheryn Doris Martin, without them I wouldn't be here.
  • Kelly and Shane for their inspiration, motivation and devotion.
  • MO'MO and Bob, a couple of cool cats.
  • A few more inspirational people, Ryan Painter for the great band photos and for helping me with my photography skills, keep shooting those amazing photos.
  • Kreig Antonelli for the killer artwork and all the Photoshop tips and a great sense of humor.
  • Tim Griffiths Garcia and all the people at Mysteria Records.
  • Marco Nunez and all the people at The Arkiteks Music Group. Shawn Darling and James Blackburn and All @ Gryphons Egg Productions.
  • Dave,Vince, Karie, Ruben and the rest of the crew at music go round (alb).
  • The madman guitar builder extraordinaire Dave Wellman for building me all those insane 8 and 4 string basses and maintaining them.
  • Erno at, if you haven't heard them, you're missing out on so much more tone.
  • The cast and crew of Music U Night, Thomas Wes Martin, Chelsea Fox, Lynette Abeyta, Justin Ramesy, Sarah Bridger, Pablo Alfredo Paiz, Bobbie Sue Schumey, Rob Ellis, (thanks for the 5D mkII tips), Sheryl Roberts, Guillermo Yañez, Lucia Maree, Michael P D'Arco, Jerrett Queruben, Amanda Willis, Stephen Cuomo and the rest of the Crew, so many too remember.
  • Mike Trujillo and crew at Zero Hour Squared.
  • Mr. Nolan "evil record producer" Hofferber.
  • Amiee "the girl everyone poses for a photo with" Barns.
  • All the bands that I can remember that we've played with, When Darkness Falls, Mike Ostrander, Blinddryve, Requiem Mass, ShadowsReach, Thorn of Gethsemane, Until Chaos, Green Street Elite, Ultimatum, Life Shadows Death, Ambrvzette, Dead on Point 5, Mourning to Mercy.
  • As for the bars, Burts, Elliotts, Compound, Launch Pad, El Rey, Golden West (RIP) Saloon, Club Effex, ah, I can't remember anymore…
  • And one very special thank you to all the Duke City Darlings, you ladies make a lot of good things happen….




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Ben's Signature Gear

Voice Of December | Signed Tee Shirt



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Ben Bunner



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