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Bio . . .

Multi-instrumentalist K Traci Ruin, writes all the lyrics for Voice of December. He is also the bands keyboardist and even contributes the odd guitar riff now and again.

Outside of the band he has varied interests including being the former head of the Paranormal Society of Albuquerque

He is an avid collector of Datsun 240Z toys and has one of the worlds largest collections. He also builds and restores actual 240Zs with his latest project being Bobby Unser's 1974 260Z Indy pace car.

Former Bands:

  • Dark Truth
  • Cell 13
  • Datum Noir



Traci has played many local and regional shows with acts as diverse as Judas Priest, Sammy Hager/David Lee Roth, Kings X, Dream Theater, Joe Satriani, LA Guns, Testament, and Type O Negative.



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10 Questions about VOD


The DarkSide Samantha Character talked about in the Video By K Traci Ruin

darkside samantha


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Special Thanks

Traci wishes to thank the following:

  • Rob and Jen for helpin' a brother out
  • The rest of the clowns in VOD, it really is worse than you think.
  • Kreig for having a bigger box of crayons and more time than me. (and that tattoo I don't have yet) you are a mushroom cloud layin' mother fucker, mother fucker!
  • Porquchop for spiritual guidance
  • Mark for challenging me to go there.
  • T B for helping me to not kill myself or others in the process.
  • Barbarian Bob
  • Heather & Grasshopper
  • And all the fans that make it worth doing
  • Special thanks to Crazy Chick Glue Remover for the endorsement!



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Traci's Signature Gear

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K Traci Ruin




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