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Sometimes I Wake Up Evil

"Haddenfield - Haddenfield CD"

01: Fear Of Fear
02: Voice Of December
03: Egypt PT II
04: Children Of The Faith
05: Sex With A Gun
06: These Memories
07: Forever Never
08: Whisper Whisper
09: The Clock Strikes
10: When Your Dead

Cell 13 Was:
Voice, Keys: K Traci Ruin
GTR, Vocals & Keys: Rob Smith
GTR, Vocals: John Roberts
BASS: Drew Lucero
DRUMS: Mike Chavez

Release Date: 2001



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  • Genres: Alternative, Music, Electronic
  • © 2001 Cell 13
  • ℗ 2001 Cell 13

Cell 13


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Album Details

All songs written and performed by: CELL 13
Recorded at: Blue Lion Music Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Distributed Thru: Blue Lion Music


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