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The Guest

"Voice Of December - The Guest CD"


  1. Things
  2. The Guest (feat. Beth Armstrong)
  3. Voice Of December
  4. Guilty
  5. Faded Tattoo
  6. Zero Hour
  7. Seven
  8. The Game
  9. You Say
  10. Day In December

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  • Genres: Metal, Music, Rock
  • © 2010 Voice Of December
  • ℗ 2012 Mysteria Records USA, LLC/ The Arkiteks/Bungalo Records (US)/Universal Music Group Distribution

Voice Of December

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Album Details

All songs written and performed by: Voice Of December
Recorded at: Blue Lion Music Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Produced by: Mark Jeangerard.
Co-Produced by: Rob Smith, K Traci Ruin & Porky
Guest Vocals: Beth (one take) Armstrong, Mark Jeangerard.
Art Direction, Design & Layout: Kreig Antonelli for EW Enterprises
For booking info call: (505) 400-7237
Distributed Thru: Universal Music Group, Bungalo Records & Mysteria Records


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About "The Guest" CD

Voice Of December's New Album ~ The Guest

Voice of Decembers debut CD, "The Guest" was recorded by the band and Producer, Mark Jeangerard over the course of 2010. After many false starts, the band settled on doing the CD live with all members recording in the same room at the same time.

Breaks for surgeries, major illness, and a busy show schedule made progress on the CD slow and also saw many changes as the songs evolved over time.

The 10 tracks on the disc span a large stylistic spectrum, from the fast and heavy "Zero Hour" to the slow and moody "The Game". Other tracks include, Faded Tattoo, Guilty, Seven and the title track "The Guest" which features vocals by Beth Armstrong of the band Green Street Elite.

The CD was recorded at Blue Lion Music in Rio Rancho New Mexico and for the tech heads out there, was recorded on the Sonar Platform.

Album Art by Kreig Antonelli for EW Enterprises.

Read full Album Review and see Album Details Below.



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Author: Voice Of December

Release Date: 07.12.2011

Album: The Guest

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Album Review

Voice Of Decembers "The Guest" CD

Once upon a time, there was a band. . .
And this band, like so many others, fell apart and came together and morphed and melded and, quite frankly, reminded a lot of the fans of a Spanish soap opera. But this band, they finally put it all together in 2011.

And the proof is"The Guest".

To the skilled and unskilled eye, Voice of December is mostly Dark Truth and Cell 13 with a touch of Haddenfield (or maybe it was Haddonfield at the time, or maybe even Jaynestown, so hard to keep track) and a new drummer thrown in for spice. And to an extent, it is.

You get K Traci Ruin's eerily-gloomy vocals, just like he's always done, with the voice that matches all the artwork he penned all over Rob's house.
And the guitars are reminiscent of Forewarned, to the extent that you can picture Rob Smith hammering the rhythm while pacing his allotment of the stage.
And John "Broken" Roberts bouncing and flailing so much you wonder if he's going to earn his nickname during this song.
There's Ben Bunner keeping the bass line lively enough that you could listen to him play it solo and enjoy yourself.
And Don Ivie, the only new face, comes in on drums to provide a solid, steady beat that still manages to show personality. With so much so familiar, you could argue that the drums were the missing link, and I couldn't say you're wrong, but I think there's a lot more to it.

There's a maturity in these songs that the earlier efforts did not have. In it's way, it does hearken back to the heyday of metal, when you played with a passion and urgency that comes from chemistry between the members, confidence in the music, and determination to show anyone and everyone exactly why they should have been paying attention all along.

But Voice of December does this with a sound that is sophisticated to the ear and intimate to the soul.

Opening with "Things", VOD sets up in a style that will be familiar to most fans, with a heavy, deliberate song that isn't afraid to showcase its frontman's vocals.

"The Guest", featuring vocalist Beth Armstrong, swells and falls, drawing the listener into the emotions inherent in the music, all the while keeping Megadeth's "A Tout Le Monde" redux, or maybe Phantom of the Opera, in the back of the mind.

The namesake track, "Voice of December", sets an edge-of-the-seat uneasiness with its frantic, underplayed verses that erupt in a defiant chorus.

"Guilty", an long-time standby in the live shows, gets a polishing on this album but still maintains the rawness of its writing, making it a throwback of sorts, even though this is its first appearance on an album.

With "Faded Tattoo", VOD pairs the message of the impermanence of life with music that drives forward like the unstoppable march of time to create something at once entrancing and unsettling.

The album regains its frantic pace with "Zero Hour", a song that is so animated it demands its listeners to react in kind, forcing every fist to pound and head to bang.

And it only backs off slightly in pace with "Seven", but makes up for it in weight.

"The Game", along with "The Guest", probably best illustrates VOD's chosen genre, goth/metal, setting a darkly-moody tone that invokes pure anticipation.

Leading to the mid-speed but instrumentally-abundant "You Say".

VOD ends The Guest with "Day in December", a song that pushes the tempo while maintaining the heavy instrumentation, a pleasing median of all the songs that came before it.

You'll notice I said little about the lyrics, and that is because I don't want to spoil the exploration of Ruin's poetic verse. As always, he has provided the songs with absolutely pregnant lyrics that deserve a fine examination and should give the thoughtful listener a wealth of nuance.

But even before you get to the songs, the second thing that will stand out is the production quality. The Guest is easily the most balanced, best mastered album that any iteration of this band has released, and the praise for that clearly belongs to producer Mark Jeangerard, who put together an album that is of utmost quality and more than ready for mainstream airplay. The best compliment I can give is that this album feels like a live performance with the clarity of a studio album.

But yes, I did say that was the second thing you'll notice. Before you hear a note, before you even touch the CD, you'll see the phenomenal album cover by Kreig Antonelli. His design looks like the album feels, with a pointedly gothic design that is powerful at a distance but also includes many fine details that elevate the work. More so, the cover makes you think back to Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, back when bands cared too much about the album art to simply slap their faces on the front. Voice of December would do well to keep this artist around for the long haul.

As a whole, what The Guest gives us is well-written, well-performed, highly-polished album that reveals the immense potential of Voice of December. It may not be a perfect album, but it's one you'll proudly play for your friends and anyone next to you at a red light.

This is a must-own for any fan of music that speaks to you while it's shouting at you.



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